Wrangle Your Webtype

Set your web typography the right way. Use our typeset boilerplate for Beaver Builder.
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Typography = Everything

The idea of this tool is that you create a page, load up the Beaver Builder Typesetter template, and have fun setting your web typography. Simple & powerful.
01. How It Works
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Type Playground
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Everything Included with the template

Beaver Builder 2.2+

Compatible with Beaver Builder 2.2 and above.

Baseline Grid

A reusable Baseline grid module can be used for layout design as well.

Page Templates

Unstyled + Pre-styled  page templates included. Unstyled is for use with Customizer or CSS. Pre-styled is for module only.

Use What You Want

We have exported each section from the full template for use. Only want to use Type Pairing, go ahead!

Black + White

We have crafted each template and layout in white and black color schemes. 

Learning Resources

In each section, we have included tips and tricks and links to valuable resources. 


The templates are responsive so you can set your type at the three (or beyond) Beaver Builder breakpoints.

We made it free!

We care about you using the best tools you can to make your designs spicy! We made this tool free!

Headlines + Paragraphs

Section 1
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The Headline and paragraph is the meat and potatoes section. Setting this properly will take care of most of your type design needs. Use CSS, or Customizer.
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02. Headlines + Paragraphs

Type Pairing

Section 2
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This Type Pairing section is a fantastic way to pair your type options. We use the ideology of thinking of type as personality types. Have fun and make good type!
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03. Type Pairing

Blog Post Design

Section 3
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This bonus template allows you to edit a typical blog post boilerplate. This way you can fine tune your type by editing list items or block quotes while seeing the overall relations and readability.
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04. Block Quotes & List Items
Download this template now to get your web typography looking fly!
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